Our mission is to provide free high-quality preventative and health maintenance services to uninsured and under-served families and individuals in an effort to foster the health of the community of Rochester, NY while promoting the spirit of education, social justice, and collaboration.

Benefits for the Community

Improved access to health care through:

  • Proximity – out intended location is in a medically underserved community.
  • Affordability – free health services including referral to appropriate medical providers.
  • Convenience – off-peak hours (evenings) to allow working individuals and families greater flexibility in scheduling appointments.
  • Education – explanation of (and referral to) appropriate social service agencies.

Insurance in Monroe County, NY

  • 8% of adults were without health insurance in 2000.
  • 31% of people in Monroe County with incomes at or below the poverty level were uninsured.
  • 67% of our uninsured are gainfully employed

Benefits to URSMD students

  • Opportunity for hands-on medical education and application of principles and skills learned through their formal medical school curriculum.
  • Improved awareness of the insurance disparity as a public problem.
  • Opportunity to apply human faces to the staggering numbers of uninsured persons.
  • Opportunity to appreciate the importance of cost effective medical decisions and treatment plans.
  • Exposure to an inner-city primary care health center.
  • Inspire future physicians to consider entering a career with significant attention to the care of medically underserved populations.
  • Provide a unique and important outlet to students seeking an opportunity for direct medical service to an underserved population.
  • Maintain medical student interest in social justice, primary care, and the underserved.
  • Exposure to the financial and human management of medical services.

Benefits to the University Hospital and other community hospitals

  • Coincides with the University of Rochester Medical School’s goal of providing a comprehensive physician education by providing a uniqe health center and service-oriented experience.
  • Provides exposure to urban primay care, an area of medicine in much need of aspiring young physicians.
  • Potential decrease in the number of inappropriate ED visits via more appropriate triage of medical problems.